What are the most Popular Gambling Games in Asia

Gambling has been a part of Asian culture for over hundreds of years. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that gambling has become a significant part of the culture where it promotes community building and individual skill building. Both of these attributes (community building and individual skill building) are key pillars of any successful civilization. Many games have been a part of Asian gambling culture and in this post, we discover some of the most famous gambling games throughout the years.

The Most Popular Gambling Games in Asia

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Asian people great we believe in luck and chance and that is why Baccarat has been and still is one of the most popular casino games in Asia. There are a lot of factors that draw the players towards this game and one such factor is the luck. Baccarat is all about luck and chance which means that no matter what strategy you apply, you still can lose. You can find many versions of Baccarat in online casinos in Malaysia.


Mahjong is another most popular game in Asia. If you are an avid game player then you maybe be familiar with its non-gambling computer version. Instead of cards, the game is played with dominoes, which is probably what makes it very unique. Before the tiles are dealt, the players place their bets and then the dice are rolled to choose the dealer. Each player can place other bets based on the tiles they received. The game uses 136 tiles.

Pai Gow

Pai Gow is one of the many ancient Chinese games that have survived the test of time. The game’s name translates to ‘make nine’ which also describes the objective of the game. It is usually played at a table where dominoes are spread across in face-down position. They are then shuffled, and formed in eight different stacks with 4 dominoes in each stack. The dominoes remain face down during the setup. Players then place their bets and the game begins with dealer giving out stacks to the players.


Pachinko has been popular in the last few decades and still is a part of many online casinos. It is what Americans would call the pinball machine game. The game includes features of both a slot machine and the pinball machine to give players a unique feature that doubles their fun. The game used to be completely manual but thanks to the advanced casino game developers, we now have the digital version.


Keno first originated in China in ancient times for the sole purpose of raising money from where it evolved into something far more bigger. It is also known that the game was possibly used for the funding of the Great Wall of China. It is pretty much similar to the Bingo and other lottery games that we all already know and love. Many different forms of Keno are available at professional online casinos.

Final thoughts

If you are looking forward to playing online or offline casino games, it is very likely that you will come across one of the above-mentioned games. There is a great chance that you can win at these games but only if you have the patience and the practice to employ a winning strategy. All these games are now available online in online casinos so sign up and enjoy the myriad benefits of online casino gambling.


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