What are “No Download” 918 Kiss Slot Games?

In the online gambling world, there are only two types of slot games: instant games and downloadable games. Both have their own pros and cons. Here we look at both in detail to see how one makes a better option, and why you should consider the slot types before logging into your 918 Kiss account.

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What are No Download slots?

Also known as the Instant slots, the No Download slots refer to 918 Kiss slot games that can only be played in the browser. You cannot download these games or play them on your PC or laptop. The mobile casino games also offer both No Download and Downloadable games that can be easily installed on your Android device. Most players choose to play Instant games for a number of reasons.

The most prominent reason probably is the fact that instant casino games allow you to play right into your browser without having the need to download special software. Downloadable games have to be installed on your personal computer or mobile device in order to activate the game. This can take a lot of time as compared to no download games that are already activated in the browser and just need a few simple clicks to get you started.

Why it is best to choose No Download Slots

You can choose to play any kind of 918 Kiss slot game you want but consider the time and effort that you will have to put in the game. Wouldn’t you rather spend time playing the game rather than installing it on your computer in making sure that it works alright? People choose to not download games for a lot of reasons as mentioned above, but most importantly they choose an instant play to avoid the security issues that may arise as the download the games to their PC or a mobile device.

There is a significant risk of downloading viruses when you download a slot game on your computer. With instant play, there is no need to worry about the viruses as the game is being played right in your browser.

Playing on No Download casinos

918 Kiss and many other online casinos usually have No Download games. But they may allow the downloadable versions as well. Professional players always choose no download in order to make sure that they do not run into any security issues that may jeopardize their game plan. The downloaded versions of the slot games may not have the efficiency or the agility of the Instant Games. They may not be fast or secure to help you pursue serious gambling, and this is probably why it is best to go for 918 Kiss No Download slots from the very beginning.

Final thoughts

When it comes to gaming at 918 Kiss, there is no special difference between the no download and the downloadable slot games. But you may notice that the graphics are sharper when the games are being played in your browser. This may not be true for every game. 


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