Things to Remember When Playing Poker at Online Casino

Things to Remember When Playing Poker at Online Casino

Playing online poker is not the way same as playing poker in real. The most obvious point is, you cannot see the opponents’ expression and eyes on the spot, playing poker in the real can using this technique to guess opponents’ card power. So, what tips should remember while playing online poker to guess opponent’s card power? This article will share some useful tips that help to beat opponents in online poker.

As mentioned above, compared to playing poker on the spot, it is complicated to check whether the opponent is bluffing through their expression and eyes. However, this is also an advantage because players can focus on tactics and skills of them. At the same time, learn to improve the skills to deal with different situations. However, you can still find some information that hints at your opponent’s strength.

Online hints signal from opponents

  • Waiting for a long time, Checked
  • Checked, Call and then Bet
  • Take a long wait, bet and then raise the bet
  • Immediate bet, Checked
  • Player timeout

Waiting for a long time, Checked

This information indicates that the opponents have weak cards. Most of this kind of opponents are trying to make you think that he or she is considering whether to call or not and he will not. If you are dominant at this time, you can raise your bet even your card is not stable.

Checked, Call and then Bet

You are in a good position, as your opponent checked and you add bet. The opponent called and then made a relatively small note to you. In this case, you can determine that the opponent’s card is weak or medium. The reason that the opponent does this prevents you from making bigger bets on next turn because they have cards that are not good and feels do not want to call, yet they do not want to fold quickly, so they put the first bet to show that they have a hand.

Immediate bet, Checked

Almost all websites have action tags that allow players to choose before they act, but it is not wise to use it in the following situations below:

  • When the opponent checks immediately (illustrates that the card is weak)
  • Immediate betting or raising (indicating strong card)
  • Wait for a long time, bet or raise

The action shows the power of their cards, and the opponent deliberately makes you so strong that their hand is weak but in fact, they are holding strong cards. Think about it in another way, if you are staying strong cards, will you bet quickly? It will entirely scare your opponent off because of this.

Player timeout

Due to online poker is much convenient to play, many players cannot focus on the game due to the things that happened around them in reality. They may busy with other things such as chatting, watching movies and so on. This kind of person is quite straightforward, they will bet if they have good cards, try not call their cards, and they will be checked or give up if they do not have good cards, so you can add bet if you noticed this.