Are you a seasoned gambler or an online gaming enthusiast? If so then you are probably aware of Baccarat and its betting systems. Betting systems regulate the flow of the game and in order to succeed at a game, it is important that you have the essential know-how about the betting systems. If you are an avid Baccarat player, you need to understand its two main betting systems known as Fibonacci and Paroli. Let’s look at both the systems in detail and see what pros and cons they offer.

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Understanding Fibonacci

Fibonacci has a negative betting structure in the game which means that the players do not get to receive the advantage with regards to the game’s outcome. The main purpose of the system is to keep the game losses under control and create a dent for the house edge. The system is well-known to prevent decisions that are made hastily and could lead to a substantial loss.

The biggest advantage of this system is that it allows you to keep a record of your losses through the dynamic system of the baccarat game environment. It also offers to regroup when you seem to be out of luck.

Another prominent advantage of this system is that it fully allows players to go a step forward after they have won a bet and go steps backward after suffering a loss. This gives players a certain amount of flexibility which is always needed in this game.

The biggest con of this game is the fact that this kind of system works best for the high rollers. Beginners may not have much luck with it. In other words, players who have substantial budgets can endure the cold streaks in this system while the players with a limited budget will have to suffer.

Understanding Paroli

Unlike Fibonacci, the Paroli system focuses on positive betting, which means that every player who wins gets to double the bets for 3 times consecutively. The system begins with flat betting until a player has the first winning hand and has to double the bets. In case, the player loses, the system will return to the flat betting rate or otherwise, the betting stakes will be raised and increased by 2x.

The basic goal of the Paroli system rests on the idea of losing and winning through the existing streaks. This allows the players to maximize their returns during the hot streaks and substantially reduce their losses when the streaks are cold.

The biggest disadvantage of this betting system is the fact that it depends heavily on luck. As long as the players are in luck; they win the first hand and keep winning, the system works great. But the biggest benefit is that this system does not require a bankroll from the players unlike the negative system.

Final thoughts

Regardless of what games you are playing, rules and betting systems are only there to help you keep a record of your points and your bets so you can monitor your budget. Gambling games are based on luck and chance and no matter how strong your strategies get, there is always a possibility that you can lose. This is why professional players focus on the fun of the game and enjoy whatever outcome is produced.