Most Useful Tips for Horse Race Betting

Horse racing is an activity that is already existing for many centuries of equestrian sports. Although it is not so famous in Malaysia yet, it is a world-renowned sports betting game. In many countries, the rearing, training, and competition of horses have now become an important activity. To a large extent, horse racing betting is a massive pillar of the horse industry. Outstanding horses can win millions of dollars and earn more providing horse services such as breeding. Do you know what the skills for betting horses are? You need to have some professional knowledge of gambling skills to win from betting horse race. However, since it is gambling, so there must be a win or lose, do not use betting horses as the fastest way to get rich. You need to have a right attitude to have fun and earn money in betting horse race.

In many favorite horse racing countries, the style, distance, and types of matches vary from state to country. In many countries, the types of horse race also different. In the UK, there is the obstacle (fences) that called national hunting horse racing and barrier-free games (flat racing) within a certain distance.

First to practice before winning money

In order to earn money from a horse betting, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the horse itself and the jockey to predict the probability of winning of each horse. One conventional method is to draw a normal distribution of the possibility of each horse’s game time, and then calculate the probability that each horse will get the first. Try to draw the curve that shows their performance. The standard curve of each horse has a center value and a variance. The smaller the center value is, the faster the horse is. If the central values are similar, they are all in the middle, and there is often an advantage in large variance. The higher the variance, the more unstable it is. Therefore, it is easier to play the instability than to perform stability.

Horses on the track are generally divided into 3 states: upper, middle and lower.

Upper: Black horses are relatively easy to appear, and the horse’s numerical strength is that although the value is small the actual speed is fast, during the game, it is prone to speed up. So black horses usually appear in the upper state, but there are also some black horses in other states.

Medium: Normal state horse, possible to be a black horse.

Bottom: The value of horses is weak, and it is relatively apparent in the middle period. Coming out dark horses is difficult.

The numerical scores for horses: pre-, mid-, and post-periods.

In the early stage, we can see the starting speed, the first and second lap speeds. In the middle period, we look at the third lap, the fourth lap, the fifth lap speed and the last laps is the sixth lap speed. From the above values, we can see that the early and mid-term impact on the horse is visible. So, the first mid-term needs attention.

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