Mastering the Art of “Check And Call” in Poker

Do you when to check and call in poker?

Poker is one of the most played games around the world. Its popularity can be attributed to the fact that it is more than just a game; it allows its players to practice the art of agility, online casino strategy, and gambling all while building the skill set that makes a person successful at any game. However, in order to build those skills, you need to know when to use different strategies. Let’s look at how you master the art of “check and call” in a poker game.

“Check And Call” in Poker

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What exactly is “check and call”?

In poker, if you don’t like the hand you are dealing with, you can choose to fold and walk away. All the money you have wagered so far will be lost with the fold. You are essentially out of the game.

But let’s assume a scenario where you want to keep dealing. If someone places a bet, you can call or raise that bet. The “call” essentially means you will raise the amount to match the current amount to see the next card. If you like your hand, you can choose to raise the bet. When you raise the bet, your opponent has the option to raise too. Usually, the game rules only allow raising bets to a certain number, so when there is no betting in the round you have the choice to check and bet. When “checking” you have the chance to defer the betting option for a moment after which your opponent can choose to bet. Now, you can call or raise based on the bet placed by your opponent. This is also called check and raise where you first check and then raise.

When to “check and call” during the game

In order to master the art of “check and call”, you need to understand when is the right time for it. Below are the 4 common scenarios where check and call is a perfect strategy.

Check and call against aggressive players:

Aggressive players can be hard to deal with. WIth them, you can usually get discriminated bets that are based on complex bluffs. In this scenario, it is better to check and then call.

Check and call on an opponent you dominate in the game:

Another scenario to check and call with an opponent is in a game where you are certain that he will fold assuming that you have the superior hand.

Check and call when you are slow playing a big hand:

If you flop a superior hand, you need more and more money in the pot to make the casino game much more exciting. You can’t tip-off the superior hand to the other players on the table so it is a good idea to check and call.

Check and call in games that are low-limit:

In case you have an uncertain hand and are up against a player who may be weak and has the possibility of carrying an unpredictable holding, it is advisable to check and call.

Final thoughts

 Poker requires meticulous strategy and patience. If you are a beginner poker player, you need to learn the different rules of the game and how to strategically utilize them throughout the game to create a stronger hand that can guarantee a win. Know the rules, strategize your moves and you can have a guaranteed win.

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