Innovative and Interesting history of 918 Kiss Slots

Ever wonder who invented the beloved slot games that you cherished the most? If your curiosity is not well fed regarding slot machines and how the popular 918 Kiss slots came into existence then read on and find out more about the history of slot games.


It all started with Charles Fey and Liberty Bell

Although the first slot machine can be traced back to 1891, the first modern day slot machines were invented by Charles Fey. The first slot machine had five drums and 50 playing cards. The earliest slot machines graced many bars and other public places, helping people get acquainted with the concept of slot machines and gambling through slots.

But it wasn’t until 1895 that the slots really became popular. The five drums were replaced by the three reels and play cards that showcased five symbols: hearts, spades, diamonds, a liberty bell, and horseshoes.

In 1902, the slot machines were banned,  but Liberty Bell continued to be popular among the masses. During this time, cash prizes were banned which gave way to fruit machines that would pay out candy as a reward.

For many years after 1902, the slot machines are generally just mechanical. The reels had become electronic but the lever was still mechanical and needed to be pulled.

The year 1964 saw the rise of Money Honey, the fully electromagnetic slot. The game became a huge success and the lever was soon removed in the upgraded versions. Most online gambling Malaysia includes slot machines that resemble Money Honey.

Age of electronic slots

You see those incredibly engaging 918 Kiss slots? well, those slots would have never been possible in online casino Malaysia if it weren’t for the first video slot that came out in the year 1976. The first video slot was developed in Kearny Mesa California by the manufacturer Fortune Coin.

The biggest advance in slot machine history since the invention of the Liberty Bell was most likely the invention of the online casinos like 918 Kiss. The online casinos rose to prominence in the ’90s and like land-based casinos adopted slot machines as their flagship game. Several thousands of individuals currently play slots online from the comfort of their own homes, and that was made possible through video slots in the late ’80s. Today, the graphics the online slot machines beat any land-based casino and offer players a unique experience. The current 918 Kiss slot games have a lot in common with the early video slot games. In fact, if you look back you will notice that a lot of slot games in Malaysia take their unique form from the early video slot games.

After the ‘90s, slot games have become exponentially advanced; online slot games provide multi-reel and multi-line payouts. The chances are huge with online slot machines dynamical each day with the introduction of a lot of advanced technology. The slot machines are magic and offer to indulge us in a variety of games. Knowing a little bit about their history can help you understand where the technology is headed in the future. Know your slots and fully immerse in the experience of online gambling Malaysia.



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