How to Win Poker Repeatly

Poker can be fun and annoying at the same time, especially when you keep losing. Have you ever wonder why you keep losing in poker while your friend keeps winning? Might you ever wonder it luck? Skills? Or strategy? Learn what the common reason why poker players lose their game will help you to overcome this problem, and you will eventually be a better poker player than anyone else! An expert on winning was an expert on losing, even the best poker player in the world will suffer.

Poker has a variety of game styles, pick one game style and stick to it until you have become a professional in it. Specialization is the key to mastering anything in the world, even the best players in the world are specializing in only one of the game type such as Phil Helmuth, Doug Polk, Otb_RedBaron and more. Every one of them spent hundreds and thousands of hour in a single game type over the years. This is one of the ways to win poker, pick your favorite game type and stick to it until you become successful.

Next, identify your problem. You need to locate and get to know about your problem before you can solve it. Analyse your problem before you try to solve it, sometimes you will reveal more problem when you are analyzing your current problem, then looks for the solution for that problem too, of course, you need to know your hands if you want to do an in-depth analysis of your game.

Study the game situation you are facing cautiously. You should ask yourselves questions like:

  • Should I bluff?
  • Should I have folded?
  • Did I play well with that hand no matter the results?

Ask yourselves some questions before and after the game will undoubtedly improve your next game. Thus you will know what to do next or in a similar situation.

After that, after you’ve found and identified your problems in your games, then you need to improve it or fix it. The most effective way to improve your weaknesses is to get a coach to show you the best way to solve it because of his/her experience in the field, he/she have seen the same problem on other player’s game as well. But hiring a coach can be very expensive especially if it’s a one on one coaching session from a famous trainer.

On the other hand, finding a training site is a great option too as they offer a lot of different resources to help you to become a better poker player and the upside of a training center is it is much cheaper than hiring a coach. You can learn a lot from other players in the training center as well. A better way to learn is to copy players who are better than you. Learning from them will improve your game. Players such as Parker “tonkaaaap” Tallbot stream almost every day, there is other valuable content in YouTube or Facebook too that you can learn from.


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