Happy Hour in Online Casino

Happy Hour in Online Casino

The online casino always comes with a happy hour time. The offers during happy hour can be very attracting, and different online casino comes with different happy hour bonus. Happy hour usually happened during night time where the office workers finish their work and back home to have good quality time on their online casino. Happy hour time makes them more comfortable than ever with free spins, reload bonus, deposit bonuses and more.

The most common happy hour bonuses are the free to play or free spins, and this is the player’s favorite since they don’t have to reload to play, they can log in and use that free spins to win more. Another type of free spins come when you make deposits during the happy hour period. Some online casino site gives 100 free spins, and some give more, depending on the online casino site you play on.

The second type of happy hour bonus is reloading bonus or deposit bonus. This is where the players get more than what they have deposited. Usually, some online casino site gives a 150% bonus when they do deposit during the happy hour time. Some good online casino site will provide a 200% bonus when you make a minimum amount of reloading, then contact the customer support to claim your happy hour reload bonus.

Moreover, a small amount of online casino site provides 50% cash-back promotion during happy hour. When the player loses during happy hour, they will receive a cash-back bonus which can be claimed from the customer support, of course, there’s a limit on cash-back so that the player cannot keep losing and have a 50% discount on every play during that happy hour.

Besides, some casino site gives winning bonus during happy hour to keep the players playing the games. Players earn more during happy hour will hold them to stay in the website and without having to worry about user leaving to other sites. Usually, the promo comes with some free spins, and the free winning bonus is up to some limited spins.

On the other hand, if you are not satisfied by the happy hour promo, usually an online casino site will have an on-going promo that is also as attracting as the happy hour promo, differences are the amount of the bonus you can get from the daily promo. Daily promo usually comes with daily reload bonus, daily cash rebate or even daily cash back bonus when you lose your bet in a specific game.

Last but not least, one of the must-have promos by every online casino site is newbie welcome bonus, which new joiners can enjoy some welcome bonus, and it’s usually a 100% bonus when you reload or after you win. Birthday bonus is a rare bonus which only offered by some online casino site, birthday bonus always provides more than the regular promos and happy hour promos, such as reload bonus and deposit bonus, and some offers a lot of free spins for the players.