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The marketing team at BK8 had reached a key milestone in our marketing plan because a partnership deal with legendary football player Robin Van Persie has just been finalized recently. A game changing contract was signed between BK8.com and Mediapro Asia, which grants us access to image rights of the football player as well as the rights to create branded content and market visits for BK8.com’s initiatives in various southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. The former seat of BK8’s brand ambassador was held by ex-Chelsea captain John Terry, now the goal scoring genius who is considered by the masses to be this generation’s best striker will take his place from 2019 to the following year. Together, we will start our ventures into sponsorship and numerous other exciting new plans in the coming year.


It prides us to be able to say that this collaboration was initiated and pushed by Mediapro Asia for BK8.com. Mediapro is a powerful and influential multimedia communications group based in Spain, and their branch in Asia has opened new opportunities for not only us at BK8.com, but Mediapro itself as well in forging our path ahead in the online market. Both parties are elated to be able to shake hands and reach an agreement in this ambassadorship brokerage, this is no doubt a good sign that the bond between both companies have strengthened.


Any football fans that had paid a close eye on the football scene will have certainly heard of the name Robin Van Persie, who made his senior debut back in 2001 and currently holds the highest record of goals scored for the Netherlands National Team. Robin Van Persie also held a significant presence in the Barclays’ Premier League as a former Manchester United and Arsenal striker. After his sensational goal in the 2014 World Cup hosted by Brazil, the flying dutchman became a household name. Now, with Robin Van Persie backing BK8 up, we are hoping that this deal will help us attract more followers to join our site. 


Regarding this partnership, Robin Van Persie has gone on record and said that he is thrilled to partner up with us, and wished for that he can do his part in promoting BK8.com and help us achieve our goal to become the top ranking online casino in southeast Asia. Likewise, our team here at BK8 are also inspired to have Robin Van Persie on board, our excitement is tangible as we are confident that this partnership will bring a significant boost to our efforts in engaging sports enthusiasts in the gaming industry. “The plan is to not only to engage existing members of our site, but also extend our brand such that we become a premium gaming platform to all kinds of sports audiences.” said  BK8 general manager Lawrance Wayneson.


Managing Director of Mediapro Asia, Lars Heidenreich, commented that, “We relish this opportunity to be working with one of the fastest growing sporting brands in Asia, along with one of football’s top legends, and we are thrilled to explore more opportunities together with BK.com in the properties that Mediapro Asia collectively owns.”


BK8’s name has always appeared in all the ranked list of online casinos in Asia published by various online casino review sites and blogs, our reputation certainly precedes us because everywhere you go you will certainly see our name and hear praise of our service. We offer players from all around the continent all sorts of quality entertainment content such as slot games, poker, fishing games, and of course, a secure and trusted platform for sports betting. When players in southeast Asia think about sports betting, BK8.com is the first site they think about. Our sports betting cover both virtual sports and traditional sports, and the odds are better than ever. We provide exclusive and insane promotions to our players, every day is a bonanza at BK8 due to the abundance of offers, promotions, cash rebates, event bonuses and referral bonuses that are accessible at our site. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and our massive player base just keeps growing and growing, each day we climb closer to the top, and this partnership with Robin Van Persie will certainly bring additional value to our efforts so far. 


If until today, you still have not signed up and join the BK8 family, you are definitely missing out on a ton of fun. BK8 not only runs a famous online casino, we are also a sports match streaming and match up review sites. If are having trouble with sports betting, do not worry, BK8 is here to help. Our site offers help in making sports results prediction so that you will never have to worry about losing too much money in sports betting. Our predictions and match analysis are written by a team of experts so you can certainly rely on us. Besides that, our team had also successfully organized dozens of futsal tournaments known as the BK8 Cup in the past and we plan to pour even more of our effort in organizing future sports events with our new brand ambassador, this is because we are just as  passionate about football as you are and we wish to promote the sports even more, especially across southeast Asian countries. If you had been paying close attention to our site so far, you will notice that we have teased a potential Robin Van Persie visit to this region, including Thailand and Indonesia, as well as a series of fun activities leading up to Euro Cup, we are glad to say, these plans are slowly coming to fruition, and we can not wait to see you there! 


Visit our site to read more about this partnership and what it means to us and the online casino industry. You are also more than welcome to check out some of our games, we assure you that you will fall in love with them in no time. Download the BK8 app now to keep our entire casino right inside your pocket, we are available on both Apple and Google play store.


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